East Kent Freemasons
Stanley Wykeham Lodge No. 6599
in the Province of East Kent
Donations are collected, reconciled and disbursed by our Charity Steward.
Grants are made to these charities through the Provincial and Grand Lodges.  They provide funds to support fellow Freemasons their families and dependants, as well as donations from central funds to both charitable organisations and disaster relief funds at home or overseas.
As well as a Charity Steward each Lodge has an Almoner.  They are responsible for keeping in contact with the family and dependents of Lodge members who become sick or following bereavement.
These charities are chosen by Lodge members.  Some for specific periods others on a recurring basis.
It is not only the money giving side of charity that Freemasons are encouraged, by other Freemasons, to practice.
Practical charity - caring and spending time with others, can often be much more useful and rewarding than giving money.

Unlike some charities, we never ask the general public for money.   All the money raised comes from our members, their families and friends.   Although this is the case, we cannot stress enough, the amount of money we raise for non-Masonic causes where they are much needed.

Freemasons are proud of their ancient traditions, but even more so of their charitable works that often go unoticed in the greater community.