East Kent Freemasons
Stanley Wykeham Lodge No. 6599
in the Province of East Kent
Lodge History
The Founding of Stanley Wykeham Lodge No. 6599

The Lodge's Sponsor is Paddock Wood Lodge No. 4291, which was consecrated in November 1921 by the late (then Col.) Lord Cornwallis whose Christian names were Fiennes Stanley Wykeham, hence the name chosen.

Paddock Wood Lodge started with twenty-five Founders.  In April 1924 when the then Senior Warden became Master Elect, he told the Lodge in replying to his toast, that the time had come when they must either restrict their membership or build new premises.

Up to that time the Lodge met at the Parochial Hall, Paddock Wood, and dinners were served in the Club Room of the "Kent Arms" (now "John Brunt V.C.") hotel.  Installation Dinners were held in the Boy's School.

Money was quickly forthcoming thanks especially to three very generous brethren and building work began.  The Foundation Stone was laid by the Provincial Grand Master ("Colonel" Cornwallis) in February 1925.
The first ceremony to take place in the new building was the Installation in May 1925, the Installing Master being the Master Elect already mentioned.   The membership of the Lodge rapidly increased until in 1947 there was serious talk among the members of the Committee about the growing and pressing need to restrict membership.  The same Master Elect dropped a hint to a junior member that the time was opportune for the formation of a new lodge and that the building and furniture etc. at Paddock Wood Masonic Hall would probably be available at a reasonable rental.  The one who had dropped the hint was surprised soon after to attend a meeting of some of the proposed Founders.   Progress was rapid after that.

There were now thirty-four Founders and several others  applying to become Joining Members  and enough candidates for the first year.  The New Lodge is deeply indebted to the Master, Wardens and Brethren of Paddock Wood Lodge for their indispensable help so willingly and generously given.

Consecration of Stanley Wykeham Lodge

The consecration of the Stanley Wykeham Lodge No. 6599 took place in the Masonic Hall, Paddock Wood on Tuesday, February 17th 1948.  Preceded by a Luncheon in the Dining Hall at which the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, The Lord Cornwallis presided. There were 99 at table.

The Provincial Grand Master and the Consecrating Officers having entered in Procession, at 2.30pm.   When the opening hymn was sung there were about 150 in the Temple, including all the Founders and 21 Provincial Officers, other than the Consecrating Team.  121 had signed their names in the Signature Book.

The Consecrating Officer addressed the Brethren on the Motive of the Meeting.  After the opening prayer, the Founders having been arranged in order, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies read a copy of the Warrant. The Founders were asked if they approved of the Officers named in the Warrant, and they agreed.
The Provincial Grand Chaplain delivered an Oration on the Nature and Principles of the Institution, followed by the Anthem, first portion of the Dedication Prayer and Invocation.

The Lodge Board was then uncovered, and the Consecrating Ceremony was performed, the Lodge Dedicated and Constituted, followed  by the Anthem and the Patriarchal Blessing. The Master Designate, was installed by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master.  The Officers were invested and the Addresses were given.

The by-laws were approved. The Provincial Grand Master retired to keep another appointment.  A cheque was presented for Charity.  Honorary Members were elected. Congratulations were conveyed to a Worshipful Brother on 60 years of married life.

15 joining members were proposed
3 Initiates were proposed
Thanks were expressed
The Choir was thanked (3 sang at the Consecration of Paddock Wood Lodge in 1921)
The Lodge was closed

Lord Fiennes Stanley Wykeham Cornwallis